Nail Tips

  • Use cuticle oil EVERY day. It makes the biggest difference! It keeps your nails and cuticles healthy and can help your manicure last.
  • For a longer lasting mani, make sure your nail is clean and dry. Hint: Use rubbing alcohol to clean the nail before you apply basecoat. Many nail polish removers contain moisturizers that can lead to chips.
  • Reapply a top coat every other day for a longer lasting mani and to maintain the shine.
  • To prevent smudges, use a quick-dry top coat and quick dry drops. My favorites are Floss Gloss “Gloss” and Qtica’s Half Time Drying Accelerator.
  • Painting your own nails? Dip an old eyeliner brush into polish remover and swipe it around your nail for picture perfect nails.